What is it?
Mindful Yoga is a specific way of practicing yoga. It involves using an abundance of rich pedagogical detail to make the pose healthier in all ways, whilst simultaneously maximizing the training of the mind.

Let me explain:
Learning and applying alignments to our yoga practice is the only way to ensure that we are moving correctly, healthily, and that our practice will support us through old age. Without the knowledge of how and why to do a pose in a way that’s anatomically correct, the asana can, and with time, will, cause injury.
The double bonus is that when we practice this way, becoming more refined in our ability to watch movement and self-adjust, we’re also embarking on a radical training of our minds. How? Because we’ve upped the game! We’re now practicing yoga whilst paying attention to a myriad of nuanced movements within the movement itself.

“What is the tailbone doing? What are the back ribs doing? Are the quadriceps lifting evenly on the left and the right?”

We give the body and mind increasingly multi-layered tasks to work on at the same time. Training our minds to sustain a deep level of focus that naturally expands in our effort to notice more. The inward mind deep and alert. Our practice becomes more mindful in every way.

Online Yoga Teaching is an archive of Mindful Yoga Teachings. Sharing 30 years of dedicated study and practice, each class is rich with crucial adjustments that have the power to transform. Learn techniques and methodologies that will both enhance your postural alertness in asana and support an increased capacity to notice, to have greater awareness. Making our practice really count.