Online Yoga Teaching is a unique library of Mindful Yoga Teachings created by Cat de Rham. Condensing 30 years of study and practice into these core essential classes, OYT is a passionate expression of Cat’s respect for the timeless power of transformative alignment in asana. Each class is rich with crucial adjustments that illuminate both how and why a pose can be practiced, making it healthier in all ways. She invites you to explore this archive of pedagogical details and experience for your selves how integrating just a few of these techniques into your practice will deepen understanding of movement. Practicing mindfully with fresh insight, Online Yoga Teaching is dedicated the refinement of asana and all that this brings…

“This is my passion: rare & subtle details gathered from around the globe, techniques & verbal cues that support transformational experience of posture, movement & breath. Hunting them out & archiving them here: a library of hand harvested alignments & methodologies for inspired practice & teaching. Welcome!”

Cat de Rham


Cat de Rham is passionately dedicated to the study and teaching of wellness, and mindful self-empowerment. A published author and photographer, Orthomolecular Nutritionist, Life Coach, Reiki Healer, Rohun Therapist and Mother, she first discovered yoga in her teens under the tutelage of Nancy Gilgoff in Maui, Hawaii. After completing her B.A. at Brown University, Cat moved to London, pursuing an M.A in History of Art and becoming a photographer. Her work has been published by Taschen and exhibited in galleries and magazines worldwide. During this time her passion for Yoga continued to intensify. She opened a studio in London, began teaching daily classes and travelled around the globe to train with some of our most revered senior instructors including B.K.S Iyengar, Geeta & Prahsant Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, David Life and undergoing Faeq Biria’s formidable Teacher Training.

Cat has now practiced over 20,000 hours of yoga, has been teaching for 27 years, authored a book for Harper Collins on Patanjali’s Sutras and continues to be a passionate student, recently completing her Masters in Spiritual Psychology. Her approach to wellness is imbued with years of experience and inspired by many different healing modalities, but when it comes to the practice of asana she is dedicated to a mindful approach that focuses on detailed alignment to ensure healthy flexible strength whilst radically training the mind to focus. Cat has lived in London, U.K, Galle, Sri Lanka and Maui, Hawaii and has opened Mindful Yoga studios wherever she goes. OYT is her first virtual studio. Born from the experience that yoga poses are most beneficial when practiced with anatomical correctness, and created with the conviction that these techniques and knowledge must be shared.



“After many years of studio yoga practice with some of the finest yoga teachers in cities around the world, I was blessed to discover the yoga teachings of Catherine de Rham. And from it, came a radical and renewed RE-awakening of the meaning, practice and embodiment of yoga. As a former Buddhist monk and teacher of meditation, I say with joyful confidence that Catherine is unequivocally the most mindfully intelligent and instructionally nuanced yoga teacher that I have certainly practiced with, and perhaps, in the world today. If you give yourself the gift and integrate her classes as a regular part of your life, I think you will see, as I have, a new depth of mindful yoga and self-transformation of the highest order. Thank you Catherine​ for your decades of training, shared artfully and gracefully through your yoga teachings.”

Alan Clements

Alan Clements is also the author of Instinct for Freedom, The Voice of Hope,
A Future to Believe In: 108 Reflections on the Art & Activism of Freedom, and Revolution of the Spirit.
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