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Join me in this beautiful Advanced Alignment Yoga Flow Sequence. A very ‘complete’ practice guaranteed to access every single part of our bodies and minds. The practice starts with an alignment infused warm-up using Adho Mukha Svanasanas, spinal twists and balancing poses to harness our focus and activate deep physical openings before moving into Sun Salutations that are interspersed with heavenly groin and hip openers. We then progress into a sequence of Standing Poses before coming down onto the mat for a variety of hip openers, shoulder openers and more! These are followed by a light Sirsasana to heat the spine making it ready for some super fun Handstand-into-Backbends (using the wall) before winding down with a gentle Sarvangasana and of course ending in heavenly Savasana.

Level 2 & 3
Duration 76 Mins
You Need

mat, block, strap, blankets

Price Free
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  1. Unique to all of Cat’s classes is the mix of precise alignment cues for every section of the body in each pose, the time in those poses to create what she describes and sequencing that always interesting and challenging, but most importantly serves a powerful overall purpose. Her classes do not meander or lag – from beginning to end there is purpose and momentum. Her style and professionalism is addicting and unparalleled in any yoga I’ve done since I began 15 years ago.

  2. Grounding yet invigorating, this practice will give you a good insight into the exceptional yoga teaching of Cat De Rham. Excellent sequencing and flow that will show you that yoga practice does not need to be just about sun salutes. Cat’s teaching is for you you, if you want refine and deepen your practice. It is unique, detailed and it will make you feel fantastic!

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