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Excellent for teachers looking for precise pedagogical details, this teaching leads you on a journey through balancing poses, twists and more! With beautiful emphasis on the ascending and expanding energy of the chest, Standing and Balancing poses are followed by a cleansing series of Twists, interspersed with groin, hip and shoulders releasers, ending with Inversions and a guided Savasana.

Class Structure: Warm up, Balancings, Shoulders, Twists, Hips/Groins, Forward Bends, Twists, Standing Poses, Sirasana I and II, Sarvangasana I, Halasana, Karnapidasana, Savasana.

Note: If needed inversions can be replaced by Viparita Dandasana (legs up against the wall). Due to strong twistings this practice is inappropriate for menstruation.

Level 2, 3
Duration 80 Mins
You Need Mat, 3 blankets, strap
Price Free
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  1. Amazing yoga class. Very peaceful, because of the pace (not too quick) and because Cat’s voice is very soothing and calm. Cat’s instructions are very precise and clear, which helps you tremendously to bring you into the correct pose and to watch every detail.
    I would do this class often as it’s very relaxing for the mind, and at the same time a complete yoga class (1.20 h)
    I would say most of the class is level 2, except of some level 3 poses, like headstand and shoulder stand and.. But you can always adapt, for example lay down on your back with your legs against the wall.! good luck

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