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Fantastic bright active teaching with particular emphasis on understanding and experiencing the crucial role of Tadasana in the hands. This type of information adds unparalleled depth to all future practices and after this class the information will be in your cells forever! The teaching starts with Sun Salutes, examining the hands and sacrum in this essential heart opening pose. It then guides us into supine back strengtheners, leg and groin releasers, balancing poses, inversions in the form of shoulderstand and plough pose, culminating with a last burst of core work that cements the vitality of the practice before enjoying a relaxing inverted Savasana. Inspired from an F. Biria workshop that I had the honor of attending in Poland 2003.Wonderful for students and teachers.

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    If yoga were a pyramid with all the “marquee” standing poses you see on book and magazine covers near the top, you can miss the foundation upon which that photogenic drama actually depends. This class and Cat’s “Crucial Foundations” are brick and mortar foundational gold. Both classes are intense, challenging exercises in carving deeply into the core places you need for everything else. They create an awareness that permeates all those poses that speak “Yoga” to the masses. What’s particularly great about these two classes is how like a great song or poem, the first time through it’s so different and compelling you aren’t sure where you’re going or what to think but somewhere the second or third time through it really hits you how good it is.

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