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An active class rich with transformative grounding energy. Long holds, rich details and accentuation of compact strength that transforms all asana. This class is imbued with the unique flavor of Jordi Marti, a phenomenal senior Iyengar teacher from Barcelona whose teaching is recognized worldwide. Having had the honor and pleasure of working with him it seemed appropriate to share some of what I learned with all of you here.
You can expect to truly experience a new level of grounded strength and connection that will support all future practice.

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  1. (verified owner)

    As with all of Cat’s classes one never knows exactly what journey one is on until you come around a corner and are bathing in a ray of sunshine or some unexpected beautiful view – the sequencing is always a complete package – no step is random or without purpose in moving toward the goal that in the end reveals itself.
    No detail left out, no movement not explained nor it’s purpose left a mystery.
    Never easy, always a challenge ending in deep satisfaction.
    I LOVE this shit!
    Thank you Cat from a dedicated Maui student.

  2. (verified owner)

    I have practiced with more than a hundred teachers in the past 20 years, but Cat De Rham is in a class of her own. Dedicated, thorough, verbally clear and a passionate teacher with an impeccable sensitivity for the right asana sequencing. I seriously do not know what I would do without her teaching. If you are serious about creating a strong practice and happy life, get your hands on her recordings. They are fantastic!

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