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Welcome to this gentle yet penetrating exploration of our joints. A mindful journey of layered micro-movements that ignite greater health and understanding of our hips, knees, ankles and feet. We sometimes use a chair for support (any chair that has a flat seat is perfect!) along with blocks and straps. I wasn’t quite sure what level to assign to to this practice as the poses are ‘simple’ and thus accessible to Beginners, but the mindset is nuanced – really taking the time to explore micro-actions within movement – and thus Advanced. So I’ve ended up putting All Levels and hope you’ll let me know what you think! Made with love. X Cat ?

Class Structure: Seated Meditation, Standing Ardha Virasana, Sitting Ardha Garudasana, Hip Openings, Supported Virabhadrasanana II, Supported Parsvakonasana, Supta Padanguthasana I, Lateral Supta Padanguthasana, Savasana

Level 1,2,3
Duration 43 Mins
You Need Strap, blocks, chair
Price Free


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