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Welcome to this Absolute Beginners Yoga Class. Today is a great day to start and this class is a great way to do it! This sequence is gentle, safe, and expertly guided all the way through. We start on our backs in a series of leg and hip stretches before moving up to Vajrasana (kneeling posture) to further open the feet, knees, arms and shoulders. This is followed by an introduction to our first Standing Pose: Trikonasana, before winding down with some further leg and hip work and of course a few minutes of restful inversion with legs up against the wall.

Dosage: 2 or 3 times a week until the information has been well assimilated and you feel ready to go a deeper.





Level 1
Duration 30 Mins
You Need mat, strap (dressing gown belt works fine!)
Price Free
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