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Welcome to the 3rd class of Intermediate Yoga Module A. I’m really excited to be taking this journey with you because I know how incredibly transformative it can be! Following this Training creates powerful structure, deepens ones knowledge and helps keep the practice in our life forever. By now you’ve hopefully practiced the first 2 classes and are starting to experience how having having a different sequence for each practice is both efficient time-wise and beneficial for our future evolution. This particular practice is going to feel like ‘coming home’ as it brings us back to the core work so prevalent in the Beg. Module B, whilst also including the new poses in our Intermediate Journey, making for a nutritionally complete optimised experience. As always instructions and class sequence are clearly explained below. Don’t hesitate to message me here if other questions arise. Also, please do let me know how this training is going for you. I love to hear all the details! Happy Practicing 🌟 With love, X Cat.

INSTRUCTIONS: Intermediate Module A is comprised of 4 classes. A, B, C & D. Each Practice accentuates something different so that when practiced together we experience a beautifully structured holistic evolution of Asana. The classes should be practiced sequentially, one after the other, once a week, or according to your time availability. The important thing is to follow the A, B, C, D structure. For instance: – If practicing 4x a week – do A, B, C & D, in that order, each week for at least 5 – 6 weeks before moving onto the next module. – If practicing 2X a week – do A & B the 1st week, followed by C & D the 2nd week and then back to A & B until each class has been practiced a minimum of 5 or 6 times. – If practicing 5X or more a week please message me below. At the bottom of this page there is a section titled SEQUENCE for CLASS C. My gift to you. A recipe of asanas. The Practice Sequence. Each ensuing class and module will have its own unique sequence. Please Copy, Paste & Print. Practice from them, take notes on them, create a file and keep forever. 💖 You’ll also see that each pose has times written next to it: 30 sec, 1 min. etc. In the Yoga world these are called Timings. Each pose has its ideal timing in relationship to others. When practicing with respect of Timings the practice is 100% energetically optimised. To make the most out of this training it’s advisable to follow these timings. The beauty about this is that you can adapt the practice according to your needs. For instance – if time is short choose 30 sec. per pose. And when there is more time choose 1 min. Some poses only have one time option. For instance: Supta Virasana 3 min. Sirsasana 3 min. etc. Whilst it may initially be challenging to hold them that long, with practice the stamina and strength will come. SEQUENCE for CLASS C Intermediate Module A * Sun Salutation with Lunges (Uttanasana, Plank pose, half Chaturanga, Downward Dog, Lunge, Plank pose, half Chaturanga, Downward Dog, Lunge, Plank pose, half Chaturanga, Downward Dog, Uttanasana) Trikonasana (30 sec or 1 min) Virabhadrasana II (30 sec or 1 min) Parsvakonasana, (30 sec or 1 min) Virabhadranana I X3 (20 sec each) * Sun Salutation (Uttanasana, Plank pose, half Chaturanga, Downward Dog) Parivrtta Parsvakonasana Prep 1 (30 sec or 1 min) Prep 2 (30 sec or 1 min) Prep 3 (30 sec or 1 min) Adho Mukha Svanasana Padanguthasana Parsvottanasana (30 sec or 1 min) Prasarita Padottanasana I (1 min) Supta Virasana (3 min) Yoga Mudrasana in Virasana (1 min) Sirsasana (3 min) Yoga Mudrasana Vajrasana (30 sec) Urdhva Prasarita Padasana – 90, 60, 30 (2 – 4 cycles, 30 sec each) Long Vertical Stretch (30 sec each side) Dandasana Paripurna Navasana (2 – 4 Cycles, 20 sec or 40 sec each) Ardha Navasana (2 – 4 Cycles, 20 sec or 40 sec each) Sarvangasana (3 min) Halasana (3 min) Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (3 min) Dvi Pad Supta Pavanamuktasana (30 sec or 1 min) Savasana (3-5 min)

NOTE – During menstruation please avoid all strong Twistings, Core Work and Inversions.

Level 2
Duration 84 Mins
You Need Mat, strap, blanket, bolster, blocks
Price Free


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