Lower Back & Abdominal Release

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A deeply healing practice that broadens the sacrum, releases the lower back and gently massages the internal organs. Using Pavana Muktasana as our guiding inspiration we travel through a variety of gentle poses that bring increasing healthy soothing connections. Restorative, calming and meditative this class is also especially beneficial for anyone with lower back issues as it really supports healing through understanding. Please do let me know your experience! Made with love ✨Take care! X Cat

NOTE – During menstruation please avoid Twistings, Core Work and Inversions.
Level 1
Duration 46 Mins
You Need Chair, Mat, Strap, Blanket, Bolster
Price Free


  1. Many thanks for a great session for a sunny Sunday morning. I have been very stiff in the sacrum and lower back area recently and this released a lot of the tension and wasn’t too stressful. I am restarting my yoga practice after a three month break and this gentle introduction was perfect. Thank you! Namaste.

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