Office Yoga 001
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Wonderfully effective refined simple stretches to change you space. Using the furniture as props to create true alignment and healthy release of both physical and mental tension. Your body will be thankful as desk-work restricts circulation and can create bad postural habits. Free up the crustiness. Get spacious. Experience creative pranic flow in just a few minutes. Can be done every day, every few hours, every hour as needed. Starting with leg and spine stretches to release the hamstrings, lower back, chest and shoulders before moving into twists that rinse the organs and make the spine healthy. We then open the lower back and hips a little more deeply and end with shoulder, armpit and heart openers for vibrancy. Welcome to a new day!

Class Structure: Half Uttanasana, Half Parsvottanasana, Half Uttanasana, Chair Bharadvajasana, Sitting Supta Padangusthasana II, Parvatasana.

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