Soothing Depth

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This soothing mindful practice is rich with details and explanations that help deepen the physical connections whilst supporting inward mind. The class starts in a restorative supta baddha konasana and gently progresses through a series of supine leg/hip openers before emerging into the more active poses of downward dogs, upward dogs, chest openers and twists which prepare us for the core class sequence itself: back bending work! From salabhasana to dhanurasana, enjoy the beauty of experiencing and exploring these poses in a gentle layered approach that eases the body into unparalleled depth and freedom. Lots of detail to make brighter connections, and lost of spaciousness in which to ‘enjoy’ it all. The sequence then ties this all together with light but essential headstand and shoulder stand before smoothly winding down and ending with heavenly savasana. Perfect practice for those days when you long for depth but are feeling a little fragile, and require the more gentle yin approach to blossom.

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