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A deep enriching practice that takes us into each and every crevasse of the body and mind! Starting with light sun salutations and standing poses to get the body open before the real practice starts. This begins with sirsasana (headstand) & variations, sarvangasana (shoulderstand) & variations thus ensuring that the entire body including upper back, shoulders and neck are fully awake and that the mind is turned inwards. The teaching then moves into legs, hips, groins, forward bends including kurmasana leading the way to gorgeous hip openings such as eka pada sirsasana and skandasana. We then transition into a series of abdominal stretches, chest openers and twists concluding with a final series of invigorating backbends to get full heart openings and maximum expression of beingness.

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    Well I’m recovering here from sweet release asana my first crack at an audio class and I’m delighted by how much it felt like being back in your studio getting my ass kicked – is that a yoga thing to say? Thank GOD I’ve spent the last several weeks on a steady diet of your video versions which are overall shorter and hold the poses shorter as well so got me back into it safely and sanely.There is NO way I’d have been able to do the audio one today had I not been gearing up for it for really several months. It was fricking hard – couldn’t make it through the sirsasana bada konasana and tapped out at 4.5 back bends, but MAN did it feel like old times. I was actually a little nervous about trying it because I remember what it was like when we were going full tilt and wasn’t sure I was ready. With the years of exposure to your classes and with a bunch of your videos to draw from recently I found it pretty easy to follow and I’m feeling it this afternoon! Thanks Cat – SO glad to have your yoga energy still in my life!

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