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This vibrant flowing class starts with sun salutations to open the body. We then do a sequence of essential standing poses combined with shoulder openers and handstands and forearm balances to get the chest broad and awake. After recovering with a few sitting postures, this teaching takes us into a 3 minute sirsasana with a really cool variation that profoundly opens the thoracic cavity and brings new awareness to the sacrum. This heats the spine up for the ensuing sequence of back strengthening postures from camel pose through salabhasanas and culminating in 2 backbends. The class then winds down with sarvangasana, halasana and of course an essential savasana.

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    I have practiced this class twice in one week. It is deep, yet gentle and grounding. Love the sequencing and feel great after. It is hard to study with other teachers once you experience Cat’s teachings. 10 out of 10!

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