Yoga: Hips, Core & Backbends

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Welcome to this full body practice with extra attention to the hips, core and spine. We start gently opening the system with Adho Mukha Svanasanas (heels against the wall) interspersed with hip and shoulder work followed by a dynamic sequence of Paripurna Navasanas and arm strengthening Handstands. This is followed by hip releasers, a series of twists to prepare the spine for wall supported Sirsasana and our final burst of Urdhva Dhanurasanas. The rest of the practice is a gentle winding down experience from supine twists to Viparita Karani. This practice is both peaceful and vibrant. Peaceful because we take our time to really align in each pose and vibrant because it awakens everything without jarring speed or brutality. Hope that it’s useful and fun and that you’ll let me know your experience! Made with peace and love
💗 X Cat
NOTE – Not a good class if menstruating due to Twists, Core and Inversions.

Level 2
Duration 58 Mins
Price Free


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