Asanas, Patanjali’s third step on the journey to Self-Realization, are the physical poses of Yoga and most Westerners discover Yoga here. These ancient postures are revolutionary in the way that they exercise every muscle, nerve, gland and organ in the human body.

There are standing poses, abdominals, forward bends, twists, backbends, inversions, supine poses, restorative poses – anything and everything the body could ever need to deeply purify on every level.

Gradually and repeatedly, through regular practice, the body responds to these postures becoming amazingly strong yet light, compact yet fluid.

The quality of the mind is also affected. It experiences more and more spaciousness. Like the body, it also begins to crave the peace and neutrality that come from these yogic adjustments.




As we become settled in our practice, learning to harness the tremendous energy of our faculties to travel deeper and deeper through the layers of our being, an inner awareness and subtlety evolve until the asana becomes a state of being in itself.

Over time the dualities between body and mind, mind and soul, soul and spirit begin to dissolve.

We begin to enter a state of meditation in motion, joining the individual soul with the universal spirit.