Online Yoga Teaching is a unique study-guide yoga site for all established and aspiring yoga teachers around the globe who crave more pedagogical detail but can’t travel to get it! Passionately dedicated to the practice of Mindful Yoga and the sharing of sublime life-enhancing yoga techniques that most support postural integrity, pure holistic alignment and rarefied states of awareness and freedom.
Created by fellow student and teacher Cat de Rham, combining her passion for the meticulous study of Yoga and her love of travel and exploration, she was inspired to create an archive of online teachings shaped to translate the wealth of asanic details and exceptional asana sequencings from Master Teachers who have most impacted her 25 years of practice. Also a published author and photographer, Cat’s yogic translations are imbued with disciplined artistry, unparalleled detail and a strong desire to support all teachers who can’t get to India or take weeks off from daily life attending intense workshops in other far flung places. Each teaching is knowledgeably and lovingly crafted from warm authentic space, in her home, on her mat – to best express the essential essence and techniques from the archive of information being shared.

Embark on an intellectual journey of the senses. Discover exotic multi-textural experiences, rare subtle alignments and unique authentically harvested sequencing of poses that support mindful movement and freedom, feeding your knowledge and inspiration, as well as nourishing and comforting your well being.


Born and raised in South East Asia, islands imbued with exotic mysticism, rich in cultural diversity and unparalleled for their magnificent variety of spiritual teachings. Online Yoga Teaching is about passion for pristine movement, respect for Eastern wisdom, exploring physical-mental-sensory experiences, discovering new asana techniques and sharing authentic teachings. These teachings convey a unique bespoke approach to asana and movement through the exquisite attention to detail and sharing of signature workshops and trainings that are part of modern yogic history.

“As a yoga nerd I’ve taken copious notes of every workshop I’ve ever attended – from India to Paris. By sharing them, and the methods of practice they contain, I hope to offer other teachers the opportunity to study the stylistic approach and asanic insights from incredibly masterful teachers that I’ve had the luck, in this lifetime, to work under for prolonged periods of time. I honor and respect thousands of years of mindful medicinal knowledge that positively and continually and positively impact my every-day life.”


This will always be my signature. I am remade, every day, on my yoga mat. More than two and a half decades of daily practice, 1000’s of air miles, heat-stroke, intestinal disease, sweat, 12 hour a day workshops, laughter, tears and more practice… My ‘asana translations’ carry the unique identity of dedicated tutelage under some of the most refined exacting authentic teachers in the world today. This endows each class in each section with greater significance. Working with a handful of masters who have had the privilege of being trained by B.K.S Iyengar himself, sharing as clearly as possible these systems of practice with this goal: to offer and share all techniques that support quality of movement and ‘right action’, life-enhancing asana and sequencing of poses that are safe and effective for every human on the planet until our ripe old age.
As we travel to discover ourselves in timelessness, these authentic teachings and exquisite details are meticulously united with time-tested wisdom of a centuries old tradition, embracing us in the unique eco-system of asana, breath and freedom. Yoga has many secrets and so many stories yet untold and I am honored to share with the world, through these translated teachings, the experience of alignment, mindfulness, attention to detail and the search for pure source of movement in asana and life.
This is where your journey begins… Welcome to Online Yoga Teaching!