Focus ~ Attention ~ Concentration ~ Connection

Dharana, the sixth limb of yoga, is the state of mental focus that precedes meditative absorption.


You sit down. You admire.

You engage.
So intently that eventually you lose all sense of things unrelated to that tree.
You forget about your headache, the cars behind you, the problems at work, your fatigue…
All of your senses are intensely focused.
Everything is connecting to the tree.


Every atom is directed towards the tree.
Like a river.
You dissolve, until there is fusion.
Deep creative engagement is total focused absorption.




By shining the light of awareness where there was murkiness and darkness before,
you start to see what is inside and around you.

Make every moment an act of engagement.
Wherever you are going. Whatever you are doing.

Bring your entire being to the moment. Invest one hundred percent awareness into the mundane.
Use each and every opportunity as an inspiration to practice focused attention.

In time, with practice of dharana, the object on which you focus will become more vivid and luminous.
In other words, your perception of that object, filtered through your senses and emotions, will change.

The true nature of the object, irrespective of your mind, will begin to be known. Its pure essence revealed.
These subtle levels of consciousness are the gift of the practice of dharana.